This section dabbles in the ‘Sport of Kings’ namely horse racing.

Different competitions run throughout the year like the weekly alphabet competition as one ie: each punter is allocated a letter, a race meeting is selected and one point is allocated for the horse winners name.

Eg. Joe Bloggs is allocated letter S and in race one Starsky wins then Joe Bloggs gets the point – the first to 11 points takes the cash…

Prize giving is also a hoot with different winners and loosers… Think you know the front from the back see the Fat Cat for more info…

Oct Ray Underwood Cup
28 All Day
Ray Underwood Cup
Nov Drawn Ham Triples
7 7:30 pm
Drawn Ham Triples

This will be open to all Club Members.

Nov Prize Giving and Annual General Meeting
12 7:30 pm
Prize Giving and Annual General Meeting